Adam, George & Rahul's trip to the top of Africa

by Adam, George & Rahul in London, England, United Kingdom

Adam, George & Rahul's trip to the top of Africa

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3 mates expedition to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. Supporting Comic Relief's aim toward a world free from poverty, via BA's flying start.

Project by Comic Relief

Expedition to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro! 

Any and all donations in cash or avios will be matched by British Airways' community fund (Flying Start)

Most idea's the three of us have had around midnight in London pubs haven't made it past lunchtime the next day, but fast forward 7 months and we're just weeks away from a journey to Tanzania!

Rahul's 30th marked the first of us to hit that milestone, and after a night of brainstorming ideas to mark the occasion (and under a beer fuelled aura of invincibility), the suggestion we could climb Kilimanjaro was offered up closely followed by the words "how hard can it be". Lunchtime the following day came and passed, the game was afoot. 

Mt Kilimanjaro stands 5,895m tall, makes up one of the global 7 peaks, and is the highest freestanding mountain on earth. We quickly realised this would be the biggest physical and mental challenge we've ever attempted with acute mountain sickness, pneumonia, fatigue, hypothermia, and varying reported summit success rates all being obstacles we might encounter. 

We don't have any experience mountaineering (bar Snowdon) so this should be interesting! Please wish us luck and if you'd like to give anything however small, all proceeds will go straight to Comic Relief as part of Red Nose Day and be matched through British Airways' flying start community fund. 

Our expedition starts on 17th February through to 26th February, thanks for reading!

Adam, George & Rahul

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