Measuring your baby's head could save their life.

by Caroline Coates in Yateley, England, United Kingdom

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Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) is life-threatening; early detection can improve the child's quality of life, but we need your help.

by Caroline Coates in Yateley, England, United Kingdom

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 New stretch target

We now need to launch the second phase of the campaign which is calling for an improved set of standards so that no baby slips through the net.   

Second Phase 

In addition to the standards we want to deliver targeted outreach which is backed by clear resources so that we can train midwives, GPs and health visitors to understand why head measurement is so important and to communicate the message effectively to parents and parents to be. 

Hydrocephalus – sometimes referred to as “water on the brain” – affects around 1 in every 770 babies each year.  It is defined as an abnormal build-up of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the cavities (or ventricles) of the brain. The excess fluid causes the ventricles to increase in size, putting pressure on the brain. If left untreated, hydrocephalus can lead to permanent brain damage, or death.


For many children with hydrocephalus, an unusually large head and/or rapid head growth, may be the first sign something is wrong and one way to spot the signs is by a trained health professional measuring the baby's head circumference and then recording the measurement on the growth chart- this way, a rapid jump in growth can be spotted a timely referral for investigation made. Sadly, many people simply don't know why head circumference measurement is so important and so opportunities to pick up the condition sooner are missed.  We want to change this, through the launch of our 'Get-a-Head campaign'.

We want your help to make sure that every expectant and new parent understands why routine head circumference measurement is so important as a method of identifying babies showing signs of this life-threatening condition so that no baby, regardless of where in the UK they live, slips through the net.

The project will aim to educate, inform, and where needed, support expectant and new parents to understand why head circumference measurement in new babies is so important and empower them to act to ensure that their baby's head is measured. The aim is to empower the parent with the knowledge to encourage them to ask a professional to measure their child's head. By doing so babies with as yet undiagnosed hydrocephalus can be spotted and therefore treated earlier- It's so simple! 

The project will also provide outreach and awareness so that front-line workers including midwives and health visitors understand why routine head circumference measurement is so vital.  We want to make sure that they are doing this and have the resources to do so and that they are also sharing awareness of the importance of doing so with parents. 

Early diagnosis can help improve outcomes for children with hydrocephalus and, whilst there is no cure for the condition, which affects an estimated 1 in every 770 babies each year, there is treatment.



Knowledge is power!

Help us by funding a programme of community outreach which simply tells new and expectant about the importance of ensuring that health professionals measure their baby's head!  We believe knowledge is power and that if parents knew why measurement is so important, they will ensure their baby has access and so more babies with symptoms of the condition will be diagnosed at an early stage, giving them a better chance of an independent life ahead.  

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