Uniformerly - School Uniform Recycling Initiative

by Simon Gossling in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

Uniformerly - School Uniform Recycling Initiative

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Helping parents across the UK with the cost of school uniform, whilst helping to reduce the impact of clothing waste on the planet.

by Simon Gossling in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Help us to build on our progress and realise our full potential.  Your donation will allow us to grow faster and reach further, helping us to increase our physical footprint whilst continuing to generate a positive impact in our community. Your support will enable us to roll out new ideas, integrate new technology and improve platform functionality. Together, we can positively transform the school uniform market for the benefit of parents, families, schools and PTAs.

Uniformerly - Who we are and What we do

Uniformerly is an online school uniform marketplace where parents, PTAs and schools can buy, sell, giveaway and recycle pre-loved school uniform and other school related items.

Uniformerly is free to use for both parents and schools. It’s free to register, free to list items and we don't take any selling fees.

We’re Jane and Simon and we’re parents of a school aged child ourselves, so we understand all about the cost of school uniform. We also know that there’s plenty of life left in the average school uniform once it’s been outgrown and the cost of replacing it.

We created Uniformerly to help parents cut the cost of buying new, whilst providing convenient, year round access to pre-loved uniform for those mid-term top ups, at affordable prices.

Uniformerly is for Parents:

Parents can cut costs by buying second-hand school uniform and other school related items for their children and make money by selling their children’s outgrown school uniform to other parents at their child’s school too.

Uniformerly is for Schools & PTAs:

Schools can sell or give away donated uniform items to their parents - by putting their pre-loved school uniform shop online with us, we’re helping Schools and PTAs to raise valuable funds for important projects at their school.


Uniformerly is for the Planet:

Uniformerly is a recycling service that’s Helping Parents Pockets & Planet - we’re helping schools, PTAs, parents and children to recycle and pass on outgrown school uniform. As well as addressing affordability and convenience, we’re helping them to reduce, reuse and recycle school uniform across the UK, helping to decrease CO2 emissions and the impact of clothing waste on the planet. Reusing just 1kg of school uniform saves 25kg of CO2 (Intexter 2022), that’s just 5 items of school uniform! (1 blazer, 1 jumper, 1 shirt, 1 tie and 1 pair of shoes).


Why do schools and parents want to use Uniformerly?

The Costs of School Uniforms Act 2021 states that all UK schools need to have a second-hand uniform provision - we offer this provision to every parent, PTA and school across the UK for free.

With the continuing cost of living crisis, schools are seeing an increase in parents looking for second-hand uniforms, they have become more of an essential service rather than just a school fundraiser. Parents are actively seeking out alternative buying options that offer value for money combined with ease and flexibility and that’s where Uniformerly is stepping in and helping... with a ready to go online solution, tailored specifically to schools, that’s both affordable and sustainable!

It’s flexible and easy to use, simply register as a parent or school/PTA to start listing and buying. Uniformerly is available 24/7 and because everyone is local and from their child’s school, there are no postage costs, no packaging, no waiting around for delivery and no lost or damaged parcels - parents or children simply collect their items at school pick up or drop off.

How it’s going

So far, we’ve designed, created and built Uniformerly from scratch ourselves, we’ve invested our time, our money and skills and have developed a second hand uniform success story in the UK, and we’re still doing all of that and more.

We have members at over 6,000 UK schools and thousands of parents are already using Uniformerly to save money and recycle school uniform. Since our launch in 2020, we have helped parents save over half a million pounds on new school uniform!

We’re not only working with parents, PTA’s schools and multi academies but local authorities including: Sustainability Teams, Child Poverty Prevention Teams, Social Inclusion Teams and Interventions in Schools Teams. We’re even working with school uniform suppliers to achieve our aims.

How you can help

Can you help us to reach more parents and schools across the UK by backing our initiative?

The second-hand clothing market is thriving - the global market value for pre-loved clothing is projected to increase rapidly, almost doubling in size from 2022 to 2027 reaching a value of $350 billion. The global school uniform market is projected to reach $25 billion by 2030.

UK parents currently spend £1.2 billion on back-to-school uniforms and equipment (Mintel) and the UK new school uniform market is growing with a 4.9% year-on-year growth (May 2023 Kantar). With your help, we can expand and grow to meet the future demand for second-hand school uniforms and school related items.

We want to be able to make sure that Uniformerly will always be free to use for parents, schools and PTAs. Our aim is to help as many parents and schools as we can to save money, fundraise and reduce their school uniform carbon foot print through Uniformerly.

We’ve already saved parents hundreds of thousands of pounds on the cost of new uniform and with your support we can continue to make this happen, whilst delivering on our promise - to provide a free sustainable, low-cost school uniform option for parents, schools and PTAs.

Please visit us at https://uniformerly.co.uk or scan the QR code below to find out more. Thanks for taking the time to read all about us.

Simon (co-founder)


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