The return of Vickers Viking 'Vagabond'

by David John Payne in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

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Return ex BEA Vickers Viking - Vagabond. It will be the centerpiece of a museum at Blackbushe Airport focusing on the history of the airport

by David John Payne in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

The return of Vagabond

My name is David Payne and I'm the Line Manager 787 Pilots at British Airways. I am also very proud to be a Trustee of the Blackbushe Heritage Trust and we have a plan to return and restore an ex British European Airways (BEA) Vickers Viking G-AGRW called 'Vagabond' and have it as the centerpiece of a museum at Blackbushe Airport.


Viking recovery and restoration

The Viking will be recovered from Austria and transported to Blackbushe and restored with BEA 'Vagabond' colours on one side and Eagle Airways colours the other and this will represent one of several Viking operators at Blackbushe in the 1950s when airliner passenger operations were the norm.



The history of Blackbushe Airport

The museum will focus on the history of Blackbushe airport, hence, the name of the charity is the Blackbushe Heritage Trust and this includes World War 2 RAF operations, airliner operations up to 1960, several airliner maintenance bases, U.S. Navy military base, general aviation and executive jet operations, Rock concert venue, Drag Racing venue, Film venue and much, much more! BEA and BOAC (British Overseas Aircraft Corporation) are also heavily linked to Blackbushe as this airport was a main diversion airport for Heathrow and the airport was also used for pilot training purposes and BEA Viscounts, BOAC DC7s, Britannia's and Comets were regular visitors to the airport and the Viking will represent this presence.




Visiting the Viking!

We want to entertain all socio economic groups and culturally diverse communities and support those struggling with mental health and wellbeing. Once the Viking is returned to Blackbushe we will set up regular tours for these groups to watch the Viking being restored. Once the Viking is housed in the museum it will be open to the general public. We very much look forward to inviting the general public who will learn about the history of this aeroplane and Blackbushe Airport. They will be able to enter the aircraft and witness the interior of a classic passenger airliner from the 1950s.


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