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by Antibiotic Research UK - Developing New Antibiotics in York, United Kingdom

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Resistant infections affect thousands and yet sources of support for these patients is patchy. We want to grow our patient support service

Project by Antibiotic Research UK - Developing New Antibiotics

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"The team at Antibiotic Research UK, they understand and they get it. Just to have someone to listen to you and be there for you. That makes a massive difference." Lisa who has been supported by our Patient Support Service

Right now, your gift can go twice as far, because the BA Better World Community Fund has pledged to match every donation up to £6,000, pound for pound, if we meet our £6,000 target by 20th July 2022.

We are facing the hidden pandemic of antibiotic resistance. The World Health Organisation says antimicrobial resistance is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity today, and calls superbugs 'a global health threat requiring urgent action'. 

For those patients who live with a resistant infection, they often find there is little in the way of support or information. Our award-winning patient support services are there for people who have nowhere else to turn. Members of our patient support team are here to provide personalised support and information.

The team at Antibiotic Research UK, they understand and they get it. Just to have someone to listen to you and be there for you. That makes a massive difference. Knowing that I can pick up a phone or send an email and they always get back to me. They mean the world to me." Lisa


We know from speaking to patients that both the physical and mental health toll that comes from having a long-term infection is huge. Patients tell us that living with the a resistant infection can lead to feelings of desperation and depression. The lack of public understanding can leave them unsure how to talk about their condition or find empathy from friends and family. And their fear that the medication they need may one day just stop working leaves a huge mental toll too heavy to carry on their own.

Antibiotic Research UK started the Patient Support Service to provide emotional support and to serve as a trusted source of information for patients and their families. In fact, it’s the only service of its kind in the UK.

Our award-winning Patient Support Service is staffed by professionals who are there to support in any way they can, be it  a friendly chat, moral support or providing trusted information. 

Mary who contacted our Patient Support Service, highlights the impact that this chronic condition has had on her;

"It makes you feel desperate, debased, humiliated and apart from your family and friends. They can't help you, and you feel that no one wants to talk about bladder problems. Why would they?! It’s embarrassing and makes you feel subhuman. I have, at times, had suicidal thoughts – thinking that my family might be better off without me and my bladder issues… Thankfully this is a rare occurrence as they are so supportive.”

Antibiotic Research UK needs your help to maintain and grow the Patient Support Service. The need is great, and with your help, we can give support, solidarity and hope to more people who are currently battling long-term and resistant infections on their own.

Will you help us to make the most of this incredible Matching Gift Opportunity and enable our patient services to support more people suffering from resistant infections?

What your support will allow our Patient Support Service to do

  • £20 could provide a 30-minute group online support session
  • £100 could pay for six 1-2-1 calls with patients in need of support
  • £250 could give someone a series of individual support and advice sessions, empowering them to rebuild their life

Thank you for your compassion and support, it means the world to people who might otherwise feel on their own.


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