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6% of the UK population have dyspraxia, yet many go undiagnosed and unsupported- your kindness will give them a place to turn to for support

by Dyspraxia Foundation in Hitchin, , United Kingdom

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From a young age I was singled out for being different and name-calling was an all too familiar part of growing up. In school, I was the last to be picked for anything and certain lessons such as maths and design and technology lessons filled me with fear, as I was singled out for struggling more than others. Privately, I felt inferior, and I longed for better, so in whatever form it came, the abuse and belittling I received fuelled my drive and ambition to succeed in life. As the years progressed, although I never enjoyed education much, I started to care less about what others thought of me, and I decided to do things my way. I recall one teacher writing in her end of year report that I was one of the most determined pupils they’d ever met; they perhaps saw something in me that others didn’t until years later. 

Having been diagnosed with dyspraxia from a young age I’ve long felt, what I now know to be true - that although officially dyspraxia is a disability, I see it as an attribute that strengthens me. It’s most likely the reason I’m often described as being a great listener who is very empathetic and has a sharp sense of humour. 

This is why as someone with dyspraxia, I’m so proud to be the new Chair of the Dyspraxia Foundation, and I am resolute in my determination and passion for the world to see dyspraxia as I do - as a superpower to be harnessed. This why I want to ask you today, if you will stand with the dyspraxia community, by donating whatever you can so that everyone with dyspraxia can receive the information and support they need to reach their full potential at every stage in life. 

Did you know that 6% of the UK population have dyspraxia? It’s more common than many people realise, and I believe that each and every one of us with the condition have every reason to aim high and aspire to achieve our dreams, goals and ambitions. Dyspraxia Foundation is absolutely committed to supporting us, our families, and professionals by raising awareness through its helpline and a range of other resources, guides, and the annual Dyspraxia Week.

Officially, dyspraxia is a disability, but whether you personally see it that way or not is neither here nor there. There have been countless times in my life when I have been put down and told that I was unlikely to ever achieve my ambitions – whether it was being told that I should forget about starting my own business and get a “job with routine” working at a supermarket instead, or not being taken seriously at job interviews, I’ve often felt I’ve had to work harder or do something unconventional to progress or even get a job in the first place. It is therefore no surprise to me that 49% of people with dyspraxia surveyed by Dyspraxia Foundation claimed that they struggled to find or stay in employment for a range of reasons – including being bullied or discriminated against. I find this figure alarming and as someone who has personally experienced discrimination, I regard it as an injustice that makes my heart sink. But, with your support today, we can aspire to improve outcomes and make things so much better. 


Perhaps like you, as a child I was often late to reach certain milestones, such as learning to walk, ride a bike, and tie shoelaces, and I regularly thought of excuses to avoid games at school. I was low on confidence and used to being in bottom sets, yet something inside me longed to rise to the top and make a real impact in life. I was fortunate to gain a diagnosis as a child, to have a family ready to push on my behalf, to gain access to early support and develop a career I love, but I know all too well from the calls that Dyspraxia Foundation receives through its helpline or through the people attending our local support groups, that sadly accessing a diagnosis and finding adequate support is hopelessly lacking in the UK. Dyspraxia Foundation is often the only organisation that people can turn to for support and the many people who get in touch tell us that they cared about, listened to, and that their needs really matter. The truth is though that we’re only able to continue with our lifechanging work thanks to the generosity of people like you.  

So, for those who have been put down, told they won’t achieve their goals, missed out on a diagnosis, me and the Dyspraxia Foundation team hear you. As the organisation’s Chair, and first and foremost as someone living with dyspraxia, I'm wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that Dyspraxia Foundation is there to support all those affected by dyspraxia not just today, but in the future for many years to come. The truth is though, we can only sustain and develop our services because of kind people like you. 

I know times are currently challenging, but thanks to the National Emergencies Trust, we can apply for matched funding of whatever we raise through this crowdfunder up to £20,000, making your kindness go even further!


Dyspraxia Foundation is a wonderfully caring charity, small in size yet large in ambition, and I’m just one of many people who’ve benefitted greatly from the fantastic work it undertakes. Thanks to the support I’ve received from the charity, my confidence and self-esteem has rocketed, and I’ve succeeded in powering forward, breaking down barriers, and achieving many of my personal and professional goals. I know I couldn’t have got to where I am today without Dyspraxia Foundation’s support, and I’ll forever be grateful for it. 

As the dyspraxia community for the UK we have the power to amplify our voices, and do all we can to improve outcomes, enabling more people with dyspraxia to not only survive but thrive, at every stage in life. Together, we are stronger, and I truly hope you will join me today by donating.

Thank you

Jonathan Levy

Chair of the Dyspraxia Foundation


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