Sponsor a bee for 50p

by Chelle Jones in Blackwood, Caerphilly County Borough, United Kingdom

Sponsor a bee for 50p

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to develop a sustainable gentle approach to bee keeping and producing honey, which cares for the bees putting their welfare first.

by Chelle Jones in Blackwood, Caerphilly County Borough, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 9th June 2022 we'd raised £830 with 34 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Put on more workshops, develop craft workshops, encourage more people to become involved and if we have more than we expect we hope to have an additional 2 hives.

At Libanus we have received a small amount of funding for just 3 months in order to set up and buy equipment for our first 2 community hives. They will be based in Libanus Lifestyle in Blackwood. Every penny of the funding we receive from this crowdfunded event will continue to support the colony after the initial funding has finished. We intend to deliver workshops letting people into the secrets of the hive. We will have a viewing space where you will be able to visit and watch the bees working. We aim to develop our own honey, put on workshops to train volunteer bee keepers, develop group talks to share the story of the plight of bees and to share our love of bees, they really are so very important to every one of us. 

  • We will be developing a gentle approach to bee keeping because we want our bees to be healthy and well looked after, this will help our bees to multiply, more bees means better pollination of our plants and so we all benefit.1649965985_215689731_3034217663479043_3889620988146257584_n.jpg1649965891_265942240_3146957012205107_7995676566277602196_n.jpg

Bees make a local impact with a global importance. Most animals, including humans, directly or indirectly rely on the pollination efforts of honeybees for their food.

1649966072_221568066_3044499759117500_8228687317729780163_n.jpgWe will have one traditional hive, with a viewing window so that we can watch all of the busy activity but we are also planning installing a Flow Hive, which we hope will prove a successful way of showing honey flowing directly from the honeycomb into the honey jar.

We will be supported and guided in our project by our local bee keeping Guru Lorne East, who is passionate about bees and making a difference to communities one hive at a time.1649965195_img_3505.jpeg

It is hoped that through this small project we can work together to create much bigger things.

Project Update 
Today we harvested our first jars of honey.
the taste is of gardens and pure pollen! Gathered by our bees from our garden and those of the the surrounding community.


 The bees have been left alone with very little interference from us and the honey they have produced is unique

With Sean and Jeremy getting more and more confident we can progress with our plan to set up our 3rd hive which will be a flow hive. This will allow visitors to peek inside the hive watch the bees work and see the honey flow.

Jeremy and Sean inspecting the rooftop hive. 


The bees hard at work in our wild flower patch.

Thank you in advance for any 50p of support you can give us... 


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