Making a difference has never been easier

Now you can get involved by donating Avios to charities we support through the BA Better World Community Fund.

Ready to make a difference? Join us on our most important journey yet.

Why donate with Avios?

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Donation in a household teaches generosity to the family

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Giving has more impact today than ever before

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Charities are in need of more donations than ever before

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You can directly help support projects you care about

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It feels good

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How it works

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Explore and choose from projects taking part in the BA Better World Community Fund.

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At checkout, link your Avios and BA Better World Community Fund accounts.

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Select 'Donate with Avios' and choose how many Avios you'd like to donate.

The impact the fund is making

Sunbeams is a registered charity offering support, fun and social opportunities for children and young people with Autism.

Sarah from Sunbeams had some advice for other project owners: "We informed potential supporters that they could use Avios via word of mouth and in our newsletters and information sheets that were handed out."

"The extra top up has enabled us to reach more people and offer the individual bespoke support that was right for them"

Their supporters donated over £4,000 in Avios alone which was matched by the British Airways Executive Club, taking their Avios donation total to £8,309!

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Featured projects

Find projects to support

Search for projects being supported by BA Better World Community Fund by location, title, or keyword. If you want to find projects in a specific area, you can use the map view to zoom in on a part of the country and then click "search this area" to bring up all the causes in that region.



How does it work?

You can link any one Crowdfunder account to one British Airways Executive Club account. Accounts must be for the same person.

How do I link my account?

You can link your accounts by following the instructions above.

How many accounts can I link to?

You can link one Crowdfunder account to one British Airways Executive Club account and the accounts must belong to the same customer.

How will I know my accounts have been successfully linked?

You will receive a confirmation notification and email after you have linked your accounts. You can also check your linked status in your Crowdfunder user profile.

How do I donate?

Once you’ve linked your accounts, you can donate Avios in the checkout.

Which causes can I donate Avios to?

Avios can be donated to projects supported by the BA Better World Community Fund only.

What are the minimum number of Avios I can donate?

Avios are donated in increments of 125 Avios.

What are the maximum number of Avios I can donate?

You can donate up to a maximum of 30,000 Avios per calendar month.

I want to donate my Avios, what information do I need to provide?

You will be required to provide information associated with your British Airways Executive Club account. If the required information is missing from your account, you can update these manually by logging in to your British Airways Executive Club account and going to Manage My Account.

I have donated my Avios on Crowdfunder, how long will it take for the Avios to be debited?

You will see Avios debited from your British Airways Executive Club account immediately. Caps will apply on the day the donation is submitted.

I am a member of a British Airways Executive Club Household account, can I still link a Crowdfunder account?

Yes, each individual Executive Club Member at least 18 years of age can link a Crowdfunder account.

I can’t remember which British Airways Executive Club or Crowdfunder account I linked to

The last four digits of the account you’ve linked to will feature in the Crowdfunder email you received when you linked. Your British Airways Executive Club number will also be displayed when logged in to your Crowdfunder account.

I think my Avios have been donated without my permission

If it’s your Avios that have been donated without your permission, please contact the Executive Club.